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General CADD Pro  Version 3.1  Files to Download
What is it?  Click Here


NOTE:  All programs listed below can be run by anyone who downloads them.  You do not need to be a purchaser to run any of them.  

All will run in "Demo" mode if you have not yet purchased the program.  File Saving is disabled in Demo mode.

FULL Install

What's New?

General CADD Pro 3.1.31 FULL Version  

Download and then run this installation program only if this is the first time you are installing version 3.1  (6.48 Meg)  updated 12-13-05   

Click Here for Install Details -Tips

Select this program if you are seeking to download a DEMO

Download this file only once, then use UDATE file below to update to a new version.

Click Here

Version History

General CADD Pro 3.1.31 UPDATE  

Download then run this installation program only if you have a previously installed and working  3.1.xx Version of General CADD Pro (3.47 Meg)  updated 12-13-05

This file is smaller and will take 1/2 the amount of time to download if you already have the FULL version installed.  This is the file to download if you have been successfully using the most recent GCP Version 3.0 BETA.

Click Here
USB DRIVER Latest Windows Security Device Driver Click Here

Help Manual
HelpInstallV3.EXE )

COMPLETE  General CADD Pro On Screen Help Manual 

Download this file often to receive the full and latest version of the help manual.  This manual was updated
Click Here
Hardware & OS
Minimum Recommended
Pentium III, Windows 98 SE with 128 Meg RAM
The faster the processor and more memory, the better.
Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro

We recommend using Windows XP Pro (32 bit version)

ACAD 2004

Special Add-in file for GCP Version 3.1 to facilitate reading and saving ACAD 2004 DWG + DXF files  Download and install this file ONLY if you receive a "cannot find DWGCVT.DLL" error when loading an ACAD file

Click Here
PDF Driver

Free PDF Printer Driver for creating PDF files from GCP

Click Here
Link to Previous Version 2.1  Click Here
Demo Drawing and Component Files

Note that these files are included in the FULL download above and are listed here only in the event you may need another copy.

Demo .GXD & 
.GXC Files
General CADD Pro Demo Drawing & Component Files

A collection of demonstration drawing files contributed by our friends, support group and beta testers.  (1.4 Meg) (these files are included in the FULL download above)

Click Here
Demo .GXC
Files Only
General CADD Pro Demo Component (.GXC) files

A collection of demonstration component files contributed by our friends, support group and beta testers.  (640K)  (these files are included in the FULL download above)

Click Here

What's New in GCP 3.1

Full viewing access to all GXD drawings in Demo Mode
ACAD 2004 File Format Support
Spell Checker SK
Multi Break command UB
Ortho Stop Command OS
Bearing commands for surveyors BD, BL, BG, BQ
Fence Selection and stretch commands
User customizable toolbars
Curve Editing BE, VE, JV
Offset command OT
Text Justify TJ
Load ASCII Text File edit bypass LA
3 point rectangle R3
Change grab point command
Hatch selection HA
persistent commands
expanded extend - trims to any object including components
expanded snaps to any object
expanded object breaks of all objects
Multicopy (MC) - change reference point on the fly  
auto pan with middle mouse button AP
retain print settings and improved print options
Fill Selection FL
Group Text GT
Advanced Seed Fill/Hatch commands IF IH
Dimension Arrow Flip AW
Version Control VC
expanded macro commands and features

New BQ Surveyor's Setings Options

+ more....

New!!  Free Surveyor's Total Station Data Conversion and Plotting Program

Click Here for Details


Visit the Surveyor's Corner in our Help Forum  Click Here 

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General CADD Pro (GCP)  Windows 2D CADD drafting software featuring 2 letter command structure, windows menus, powerful Macro language, 32 bit accuracy and .DWG, .DXF, .CMP, .GCD, .VCD, .VCS & .MCR file compatibility.

General CADD Products, Inc., 1 Railroad Avenue, Cherry Valley, N. Y. 13320 USA