General CADD Pro Version 7.1 New Features List                                    

Summary of Current  New GCP 7.1 Features....  more to come!

GCP 7 feature list – as of 11-28-2009

GCP Version 7 Current Version Program Highlights

New: MText Command (TM)

  • After a rectangle is specified, the typed text will dynamically word wrap to maintain its justification
  • Text settings can be individually applied to words within the block, for instance a word can be bolded in the middle of a block
  • Support for perfect justification – similar to newspaper columns in addition to center, left, and right
  • As-you-type spell checking – misspelled words are underlined in red – right click over the words to correct
  • Grip handles allow for dynamic resizing and movement
  • Holding down the alt key will show rotation grips to set the angle of the text block

New: Autosnap Mode (ON)

  • Cursor changes to show search tolerance
  • Snap endpoint, object, mid point, and intersection can be individually turned ON or OFF

Upgraded Functionality: Polylines Now Support Arcs (PI) (JV)

  • Arcs are now part of the polyline entities’ definition
  • Polyline command has two new arc mode options – (M) specify the midpoint of an arc and (T) draw an arc tangent to the previous line or arc in the polyline

New: Revision Cloud Command (RV)

  • Revision clouds are polylines that consist of sequential arcs. They are used to call attention to parts of a drawing during the review stage
  • Move the mouse and the cloud is automatically drawn – the command will complete once you get near the start of the polyline
  • You can specify the minimum and maximum chord distance length of each arc to achieve the proper look

Upgraded Functionality: Seed Area Command (IA)

  • Allows for automatic placement of are and perimeter results in the drawing
  • Control over formatting, units, pre and post data strings

Upgraded Functionality: Field to Finish (F2)

  • Preview before data goes into the drawing

Upgraded Functionality: 2009 ACAD DWG/DXF Support

  • Polylines with arcs are now converted 1-1 with out polylines

New: Reverse Points (RR)

  • Useful for objects with symbolic linetypes – clicking on the object will make it go the opposite direction  
  • This functionality may be moved to VS in a future versions

New: Cogo Window (GW) -Surveyor3D 7.1

  • Completely Revised!  Looking for feedback on the interface
  • This command will replace the HT command in GCP6/S3D

Upgraded Functionality: Layer Manager (LM)

  • Buttons on the left side of the dialog
  • Non-Printable layer button
  • Layer Move button
  • Undo Layer status change


Note: Version control has been renamed to Incremental Save and is accessible thru AU (auto save), and a new checkbox in then DS dialog.

...more yet to come!  see daily log > click here

List of features included from Version GCP 6.1

- Surveyor 3D command section click here 
- F2 – Field to Finish – see new video
- PI Polyline entity added. 
- QS (Quick Select)
- PN (Pan Line) Pans drawing based on 2 click. Very useful lining up Viewports
- KK
Cookie Cutter / 2D Booleans – demo coming – Paste after KK to see place cut portion 
- BF – define boundary by Circle, rectangle, ellipse 

* Performance
- Major speed increase for Dimensions/Text
- Faster NP search
- Better selection rules when complex objects like Components, Fills, Hatch, and Text
are on top of one another.
- Multiple Drawings and Batch Print faster
- Enitity extents are stored in drawing. Much faster load times once the drawing has been saved from GCP6.

* Version Control overhaul
- VC launches dialog
- Delete after number of days
- recycle files, keep newest
- Restore VC File - strips date from filename and loads it

* Viewport Enhancements
- Double click mouse inside Viewport boundary to make active
- Scroll wheel works inside Viewport when active. 

* Viewport Manager
- Dialog driver VQ command displays and manages Viewport and Xref data

* OLE Server
- Insert GCP6 drawings in other Windows app as OLE objects.
- Paste GCP6 drawings as an OLE object
- OLE Copy – image support 

* DWG 2008
- new ACAD Library implemented

* Snapping inside Components/Viewports/Xrefs
- All snaps work inside Components/Viewports/Xrefs when GC is ON.

* Double click on...
- Leader Text brings up QE
- Leader line/arrow brings up UG show only Leader settings
- Dimension Text brings up QE
- Dimension line/arrows brings up UG

* Dimensions
- Text Append Linear Dimension uses Center Justify
- Multiple lines as be added to dimension text using UG or QE
- UG added Insert Chars button (like 

* Quick Select QS command
- click drag selection
- drag move when inside selected objects
- hold shift key while moving to copy
- RCclick to see QuickSelect.pop menu (not shift/rclick)
- QuickSelect.pop is editable
- selected objects show a quick info display in the 3rd prompt line
- ` (grave key) gives you quick access to QS. ` again to abort QS command.

* Tabs
- Reorder by dragging tab to new location
- When the Tab scroll arrows are visiable, Double click the left arrow to jump to the first tab, right arrow for the last tab.

- Ctrl+Tab to select the next (right) tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab to select previous (left) tab

* FS, LT, CP (and other commands that use the side menu)
- FS lists the Fonts used in the drawing at the top and displayed Red
- FS will jump the side bar down the list as you type. Hitting Enter will pick the font highlighted.
- CP will jump the side bar down the list as you type. Hitting Enter will pick the component highlighted.
- LT shows Linetype preview
- LT, <TAB> shows Symbolic Linetypes only, <TAB> again to see all
- LT rclick menu Edit/Reload/Load the Linetype file.
- LK then Tab to toggle showing the color palette or color list. Will add to other color commands if
you guys like it.

* Quick Edit QE
- Delay the text update on screen. A pause of 1 second while typing will update the text on screen.

* Print (batch print enhancements)
- Faster redraws and tab selecting. Sending prints out is significantly fast too.
- Tab Color: this is an advanced command that allows you to color code the tabs when in DP. You can assign a color to a printer setting. Rclick tab or use the page setUp dialog
- Layout tabs can now be batch printed.
- All PDF options are inside the Print options DP,T,P
- Save Job can be called from DP
- Fast and Preview boxes have been added to the status bar. Preview when on shows print order, colormap, all to black on screen, but this causes redraw to be slower. Turning it off will still print them.

* XRefs
- Handles circular referenced xrefs better; much faster
- Use all snaps inside XRefs
- XRef Manager is faster

* Viewports
- Much faster display and object finding.
- Close All Tabs will leave the Model space drawing
- Active Viewport. shift/rclick menu item and pick Activate Viewport (double click inside VP to also select it). 
When ON the viewport will highlight its border. 
- When Viewport is active
- Scroll Wheel will change only the Viewport zoom
- Auto Pan (drag middle mouse button) will pan the viewport objects
- All zoom commands can be typed in and are directly passed to the Viewport.
- Zoom Previous and Panline added

* Selection Commands (MV,CO,CG,OI, all selection commands)
- implicit 'W' if you click and drag a window. Right to Left window will do a crossing
if AQ>AllowCrossing ON
- we've had an implicit 'O' for some time - here as a reminder.

* Filter
- Text Size (height) has been added to the filter
- More... option add that allows you to filter all available entitites like Leaders, XRefs, Viewports, OLE objects

* Misc
- Hatch Origin in OI - relative distance from the ref pt.
- AQ setting to turn off the Org pt. (hide white mark at 0,0) Advanced>HideHatchOriginPt 
- Using file association to launch the text editor. No longer hardcoded to launch Notepad.
- Shift/rclick brings up an editable custom popup menu called Default.pop. You can add commands and macros. Same syntax as the Video menu (Line,LI;).
- Custom Commands - new option to make these commands repeatable with spacebar. See MA options.

List of features included from Version GCP 5.1

3 new Polar Coordinate Entry formats

more standards compatibility

ACAD 2007 DWG DXF file support with Xrefs

keeping up with the Jones'

ACAD Import Status Report

file import status report

Added Macro Slash Commands

additional macro commands

Batch Drawing Conversion

batch convert dwg/dxf files

Batch Print

auto print multiple drawings

Bearing Label angle correction

expanded precision control

Component Background Blot Out Function

make foreground object stand out

Component Place preview 

view before placement 

Custom 2 letter commands added to MA

add macros to your own toolbar

Custom 2 letter command "do it yourself" Toolbar

make your own toolbar

Differential Scale Arc and Circle Options

2 ways to scale circular arcs

Dimension Change Preview in Dialog

view before placement

Drop Down Menus Updated

expanded menus

Font Edit Preview and Symbol Insertion Feature

easy insertion of degree symbols

Font Selection Preview

view before placement

Gravity Line GV command

easy align text function

Hatch, Text, Component BO Blot Out Background

make foreground object stand out

Job Files - reload and print multiple drawings

reload multiple file jobs

KO Paste OLE Object

Paste Word or Excel Object

Layer Move Data and  context menu YH & YD 

move data to/from/among layers

Layout TAB Merge Warning  data loss protection  

Line Type Added to TE

expanded txt functionality

Load GeoTIFF Image Directly GF command import Georegistered images

Load satellite images and place
 correctly in real world units

Macro Section of Manual Updated

more macro language help

Matrix Move Command

expanded move functionality

ME,P now allows an 'L' (last option)

expanded measure functionality

Migrate GCP3/4 to GCP5

easy upgrade for previous version

OB around center point

expanded break functionality

OI Information Expanded

more object information text

OLE - Object Linking and Embedding

Insert Word or Excel file into GCP

Paste text into Command Line

paste in text on command prompt

RZ Rescales Bitmap or Geometry

expanded scaling functionality

Save All button

save multiple drawings at one time

Spacebar repeats last MA, VM, and LB macro

helpful utility

Span, Start and End added to OI for Arcs

more object information text

Symbolic Linetypes

Linetypes that contain text and cmps

TAB Windows Summary

expanded info using TAB Windows

Text Blot Out Function

make foreground object stand out

Text Edit font select preview 

view before placement

TS shows Spacing settings in parenthesis

feedback on prompt line

View ports and Layout TAB

multiple drawing views feature

Xrefs External Drawing Reference 

reference external drawings

The above list is taken from the What's New in GCP 5.1 page in the GCP 5.1 Help Manual.  Download the help manual for more details.  Click Here


List of features included from Version GCP 4.1

Added Google Desktop Search Plug-In   Click Here for Details

12,272 Free Symbols Architectural, Electrical and Mechanical on downloads page

Component "Flip" on the fly added to CP & MC commands

F3 new Surveyors Command

Support for ACAD XRefs and multi-tabbed Layouts ACAD 2004 - 2006 file format compatibility
LO,A automatically creates tabbed drawings. Our Xbox will replicate XRef functionality.

VCD CAD file input support, VCS symbol input support

YP Layer Protect command

YK  Layer Lock

Q1 Quick Linear Dimension

LM  Expanded Functionality

AQ all settings dialog with search feature

ME measure path option added

PO-SI place point at proposed intersection of non parallel lines

Migrate command to upgrade from version 3.1

Export bitmap with background color setting option

DL Multiple Drawings at one time in tabbed interface

VT Multiple views of the same drawing in tabbed interface.

Tabbed Multi Document Interface NT command
NT starts a new drawing (untitled) in a new tab. Right click on tab displays a menu to close the tab. RClick on a Tab or in prompt area to get a popup Tab menu.

Magnify command (ZG/Z1/Z2)
Opens a dialog (zoom birdseye) with a magnified view with the drawing cursor at the center. Ctrl + Scroll to zoom in/out on the magnified view. Z1 will set the drawing view = magnified view. Z2 toggles modes.

Windows XP Style File Selector
Functions in Win XP only

HATCH file changes
GCP4 now saves hatch patterns in individual files

AQ command – All settings dialog

EA command – Elliptical Arc

E4 Four point Ellipse

OX on ellipse breaks into arc segments

Group Selection Command (GP)

VS command - Vector sort
Selection options added to WO vector sort command

File locking option for network users (in QT list)
Load file with this on will mark it Read-only. Will warn if DL a read-only file.

Seed Area command IA
Same interface as seed fill. After seed area is found a dialog with options.

Window Option added to Seed Fill IF

Commands are in Menu>File>Send. Saves the current drawing and attaches to an email. PDF is missing.

Component Change command MG
Change properties of a component, similar to Hatch Change interface. Change name, scale, rotation, color (yes, color).

Save to Original Folder (in QT list)
Drawing remembers it’s original path and saves to it. DS will ignore the drawing path
and save back to the original path.

LN command - Set Length command - works on Lines, Arcs, and Circles
Set the length of an existing line or arc and radius of circle

S1 command - (Selection > Action prompt)
Regular SE command but on exit an additional prompt to > Print Plot Save Batch clipboard: Cut Copy < This will allow us to do away with explicit Selection Print/Save/Batch

Snap Quadrant Command (SQ)

WC - Hold Down Ctrl and Scroll the Mouse for Multiple Copies 

DP = Print only

PL = Plot only
PL brings up the DP interface and will not allow you to go to Print.

deg°min'sec added to Numeric Format command and dim dialog
Another format option for labels, dimensions, statusbar display

Direct distance/regular number entry supports metric suffix (mm, cm, m)
TZ, 5cm;

Match feature added to Text and Dimension dialogs
Allows you to sent the dialogs properties by matching an object. The dialog hides while you are clicking on an object (like BQ).

Macro Enhancement
$OUTPUTFILE -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\General CADD Application\GCP4\Environment\App\OutputFile

LB,$OUTPUTFILE; will look inside Registry and dig out a filename. The registry can be set by an external application like ASC2GXM. Sample macro: /WAITEXE,ASC2GXM,!,LB,$OUTPUTFILE;

Complete Development Details Click Here 

List of features included from Version GCP 3.1

Full viewing access to all GXD drawings in Demo Mode
ACAD 2004 File Format Support
Spell Checker SK
Multi Break command UB
Ortho Stop Command OS
Bearing commands for surveyors BD, BL, BG, BQ
Fence Selection and stretch commands
User customizable toolbars
Curve Editing BE, VE, JV
Offset command OT
Text Justify TJ
Load ASCII Text File edit bypass LA
3 point rectangle R3
Change grab point command
Hatch selection HA
persistent commands
expanded extend - trims to any object including components
expanded snaps to any object
expanded object breaks of all objects
Multicopy (MC) - change reference point on the fly  
auto pan with middle mouse button AP
retain print settings and improved print options
Fill Selection FL
Group Text GT
Advanced Seed Fill/Hatch commands IF IH
Dimension Arrow Flip AW
Version Control VC
expanded macro commands and features

New BQ Surveyor's Setings Options

+ more....

New!!  Free Surveyor's Total Station Data Conversion and Plotting Program

Click Here for Details