The New Generic CADD for Windows


Text disappears when I zoom in. How do I fix that?

The short answer is type RN, then press the Reset button. This will reset your configuration file.

You can also try typing FP,F and make sure the font path is pointing to the right font folder.

Then type EN to make it stick.

Why does it happen? One of our old installs installed a config file with the font path pointing to a bogus location. Resetting the font path fixes the issue (usually).

Is there an annual license fee?

No. Our licenses are perpetual and do not need an annual renewel.

Can I use the license key on more that one computer?

No. The license key will only run on the computer it was licensed for. If you need a license for an additional laptop or home computer, another license purchase is required. We do offer a discount for additional licenses. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does GCP 14 run on Windows 10?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Both GCP14 & GCP12 run great on Windows 10 and 7. We ran into issues installing the dongle driver on Windows 10. That's one of the reasons why GCP14 stopped using the dongle, and switched to a software license.