The New Generic CADD for Windows


Drawing page screenshot

Commands listed by 2-letter command (GCP XX command):

Command Description
3M Measure 3D Distance
A1 Aligned Linear Dimen
A2 Arc : Cen-St-End
A3 Arc : St-Mid-End 3pt
A4 Arc : Cen-St-Mid-End
A5 Arc Tangent
A6 Arc : Radius-Span-Len
A7 Arc : Cen-St-End-CounterClockwise
A8 Arc : Cen-St-End-Clockwise
A9 Arc : Cen-St-End-Shortest
AB Arc to Bezier
AC Auto Corner (Super Trim)
AD Arc Length Dim
AF Auto Fillet
AL All Layer Edit
AM Geo-Referenced Aerial Map Image
AP Auto Pan
AQ All Settings
AR Dim Arrows
AS AutoSnap
AT Attribute Cmds
AU Auto Save Settings
AW Arrow Flip
AX Angular Dimen
BA Bezier to Arc
BD Bearing Distance Entry
BE Bezier Edit
BF Boundary Fill
BG Bearing Settings
BH Boundary Hatch
BL Bearing Label Entry
BO Blot Out
BP Set Basepoint
BQ Bearing Settings Dlg
BR Backward Redraw
BS Selection Save Batch
BV Bezier - continuous
BW Bezier - single
BY By-Layer States Dlg
C2 Circle 2pt
C3 Circle 3pt
CA Chamfer Settings
CC Component Create
CD Component Dump
CE Component Explode
CF Cursor Free
CG Change
CH Chamfer
CI Component Image
CK Cursor Color
CL Component Load
CN Comp Replace
CO Copy
CP Component Place
CQ Component List
CR Component Rotate
CS Color Settings
CT Convert Dialog
CU Cursor Size
CV Spline Curve
CW Window Component Create
CX Component Remove
CY Component Layer
CZ Component Scale
D0 Ordinate Dim
DB Double Line settings
DC Coordinate Display
DD Dim Display
DF Fill Display
DG Drawing Change
DH Hatch Display
DI Display Settings
DJ Divide Object
DK Drawing Clean
DL Drawing Load
DM Dig Settings/Menus
DN Drawing Rename
DO Drawing Origin
DP Print
DQ Dimension Dialog Settings
DR Drawing Rotate
DS Save
DT Dim Text
DU Definition Unload
DV Decimal Value
DX Drawing Remove
DZ Drawing Scale
E4 Ellipse 4 Point
EA Elliptical Arc
EC Edit Configuration
ED Edit Object
EF Entity Filter
EL Erase Last
EN Environment Save
EP Ellipse
ER Erase
ES Fence Stretch
ET Support
EX Explode
F2 Field to Finish
F3 Fillet from POC
FA Fast redraw properties
FB Bug Report
FC Fill Color
FD File Directory
FF Fitted Fill
FG Fill Change
FH Fitted Hatch
FI Fillet
FK Fill Color
FL Fill
FP File Path
FR Fillet Radius
FS Font Select
FV Fractional Value
FX Find Text
FY Fill Layer
GC Comp Snap Mode
GD Show Distance
GF Geo Image
GG Batch/Macro Debugger
GM Geo-Referenced Bing Map Image
GO Grid Origin
GP Group Selection
GR Grid Display
GS Grid Size
GT Group Text
GV Gravity
H1 Horizontal Linear Dimen
HA Hatch
HC Hatch Color
HD High-Def Object Drag
HE Help
HG Hatch Change
HI Highlight selection
HK Hatch Color
HN Hatch Name
HO Hatch Origin
HR Hatch Rotate
HS Hatch Settings
HY Hatch Layer
HZ Hatch Scale
IA Seed Area
IB Intersection Break
IF Seed Fill
IG Place Image
IH Seed Hatch
IM Import
IP Insertion Point
IT Intersection Trim
IX Diameter Dim
IY Diameter Dim (pick center)
JL Load Job
JN Join Curves/Lines/Arcs
JS Save Job
KC Copy
KF Cursor Free
KK Cookie Cutter
KP Paste
KT Intersection Trim
KU Cut
L1 Line (single)
L2 Double Line
L3 Load Points
LA Load Ascii Text file
LB Load Batch
LC Line Color
LD Leader 2
LE Leader
LF Font Edit Commands
LI Line (continuous)
LK Line Color
LL Leader Shoulder
LM Layer Manager
LN Set Length
LO Load Files
LP Last Point
LS Set Zoom Limits
LT Line Type
LV Load Video
LW Line Width
LX Linear Dimen
LZ Line Type Scale (Multiplier)
M1 Measure Area
M2 Measure Angle 2 pt
M3 Measure Angle 3 pt
M4 Measure Path
MA Macro Assign
MB Manual Entry: Basepoint
MC Multi-Copy
MD Measure Distance
ME Measure
MG Component Change
MH Match Parameters
MI Mirror
MM Matrix Move
MO Manual Entry: Absolute
MP Move Point
MR Manual Entry: Relative
MS Multi-Line Settings
MT Multi-Trim
MU Multi-Line
MV Move
MX Multi-Extend
NF Numerical Format
NL Snap Object
NP Near Point
NT New Tab
NV Name View
NX Remove View
OA Ortho Angle
OB Object Break
OC Object Copy
OD Object Drag
OE Object Erase
OF Object Fill
OG Object Change
OH Object Hatch
OI Object Info
OL Object Length/Area
OM Object Move
OO Undo
OP Object Properties
OR Ortho Mode
OS Ortho Settings
OT Offset
OX Object Explode
P1 Drawing Path
P2 Component Path
P3 Font Path
P4 GCD Path
P5 DWG Path
P6 DXF Path
PA Pan
PC Construction Point
PD Pack Data
PF Proximity Fixed
PG Page Video Menu
PH Path Copy
PI Polyline
PL Plot
PN Pan Line
PO Point
PP Drawing Properties dialog
PR Reference Point
PS Display Points
PU Pen Up
PW Point Line Work
Q1 Quick Dim
QC Quadratic curve
QE Text Quick Edit
QL Quick File List
QM Quick Match
QS Quick Select
QT Query Toggles
QU Quit
R3 Rectangle 3-pt
R4 Rounded Rectangle
RB Rubber Band
RC Radial Copy
RD Redraw
RE Rectangle
RM Trim
RN Environment Restore
RO Rotate
RP Reg Polygon
RR Reverse Direction
RS Resort Drawing
RV Draw Revision Cloud
RX Radial Dimen
RY Radial Dimen
RZ Re-Scale
S1 Selection Output
S2 Snap Midpoint2
S5 Snap Foci
SA Save
SB Save Batch
SC Snap Closest Point
SD Snap Distance
SE Selection
SF Snap Offset
SG Snap to Grid
SH Shell
SI Snap Intersection
SK Spell Check
SL Snap Parallel
SM Snap Midpoint
SN Snap Center
SO Snap Object
SP Snap Perpendicular
SQ Snap Quadrant
SR Snap Percentage
SS Stretch
ST Snap Tangent
SU Snap to Universal Point
SV Save Selected
SX Snap Tangent
SY Snap to non-editable layer
SZ Scale
T1 Show TIN Surfaces as Fills
TA Text Append
TB To Back
TC Text Color
TE Text Editor
TF To Front
TG Text Change
TH Double Line thickness
TJ Text Justify
TK Tracking
TL Text Line
TM MText
TN Thumnail Settings
TO Tolerance
TP Text Place
TQ Text Settings Dialog
TR Text Rotate
TS Text Settings
TT Text Table
TV Text View
TX Text Indexer
TY Text Layer
TZ Text Scale
UB Multi-Break
UD Dim Direction
UE Un-Erase
UG Dim Change
UL Dimension Layer
UM Dim Mode
UN Unit Settings
UP Set Universal Point
US Dimension Settings
UT Dim Tolerance
UU Redo
UV Dimen Move
UY Dimension Layer
V1 Vertical Linear Dimen
V3 Save As v3.0
V4 Save As v4.0
V5 Save As v5.0
V6 Save As v6.1
V7 Save As v7.1
V8 Save As v8.1
V9 Save As v9.1
VB Viewport Border Map
VC Version Control
VE Edit Viewport
VG Curve Change
VL View Layout Tabs
VM Video Menu
VP Viewport
VQ Viewport Mgr
VS Vector Sort
VX Remove Video Menu
VY Viewport Layer Mgr
WC Window Copy
WD Window Redraw
WE Window Erase
WF Window Fill
WG Window Change
WH Window Hatch
WI Window Mirror
WK Window Clean
WM Window Move
WO Window Sort
WR Window Rotate
WS Window Stretch
WT Window Text
WV Window Convert
WZ Window Scale
XB Set XRef Basepoint
XC Restrict Cursor Movement
XM XRef Manager
XP Export
XR XRef Place
XS Dim Extensions
XT Extend
XV Explode Viewports
XX Command List
XY Explode Destination Layer
YA Layer States
YC Set Current Layer
YD Layer Display
YE Layer Erase
YG Layer Change
YH Layer Hide
YK Layer Lock
YL Layer Load
YN Layer Name
YP Layer Protect
YR Layer Rotate
YS Layer Save
YT Layout Tab
YU Layer UnName
YX Layer Erase
YY Set Layers
YZ Layer Scale
Z1 Zoom Transfer
Z2 Zoom Magnify Fixed
ZA Zoom All
ZB Zoom Back
ZE Zoom Birdseye
ZG Zoom Magnify
ZI Zoom In
ZL Zoom Limits
ZM Zoom Value
ZO Zoom Out
ZP Zoom Previous
ZU Zoom Up
ZV Zoom View
ZW Zoom Window
 /AFM Macro Auto Fillet
 /APPEXEC Execute Application
 /APX Execute Application
 /AREAPROPS Area Properties
 /ASO AutoSnap Options
 /BEEP System Beep
 /CAP Capture Image (GCPCap.exe)
 /CEL Create Entity List
 /CHAR Character Input
 /CHARIN Char Input
 /CHD Cursor Hide
 /CIN Char Input
 /CLOSETAB Close Tab
 /COPY Copy
 /COPYLAYERS Copy Layer States
 /CREATE_EEX_LIST Create Entity List
 /CROP Image Crop
 /CURSOR_HIDE Cursor Hide
 /CUT Cut
 /DEF Definition Examine
 /DEFLAYERS Include Component Def Layers
 /DEL Delete EEX List
 /DIGMODE Dig/Mouse Mode Toggle
 /DIMCOLOR Dimension Color
 /DIMFONT Dimension Font
 /DISABLELAYOUT Disable Layout
 /DISPOSE_EEX_LIST Dispose Entity List
 /DVM Macro Decimal Value
 /DXS Drawing Close
 /EEX Entity Examine
 /EQTOL Float Equal Tolerance
 /ESC Abort Command
 /EXIT Kill Macro
 /EXPERT_MODE Expert Mode
 /EXT Extents
 /EXTENTS Extents
 /FCL File Close
 /FILECLOSE File Close
 /FILEEXIST File Exist
 /FILELOCK File Locking
 /FILEOPEN File Open
 /FILEREAD File Read
 /FILERESET File Reset
 /FILEWRITE File Write
 /FNDSTR String
 /FOP File Open
 /FRD File Read
 /FST File Reset
 /FWR File Write
 /GEOM Geometry routines
 /GET Get Value
 /GOTO Goto
 /GRAVEDLG GraveKey Macros
 /GTO Goto
 /IMGLAY Bitmap Image Layer
 /LARGEICONS Large Toolbar Icons
 /LASTENTITY Create last object list
 /LAYERLOAD Layer Load
 /LIST User List
 /LLT Load LineType File
 /LST Create last object list
 /LWM Line Width Multiplier
 /MAXLAYERS Set Maximum Layers
 /MIGRATE Migrate
 /MSP Message Suppress
 /MSUP Message Suppress
 /NEWDRAWING New Drawing
 /PASTE Paste
 /PASTECMDLN Paste Command Ln
 /PASTELAYERS Paste Layer States
 /PDF Save PDF
 /PLU PlugIn
 /PMT Message Prompt
 /PRINTSCALE Print Scale
 /PROMPT Message Prompt
 /PROMPTFONT Change Prompt Font
 /RCM Reload Custom Menu
 /RPM Reload Plugins Menu
 /RST File Reset
 /RVM Reload Video Menu
 /SAVE2ORGINAL Save to Original Folder
 /SEL Select
 /SELECT Select
 /SENDDWG Send DWG Drawing
 /SENDDXF Send DXF Drawing
 /SENDGIF Send GIF Image
 /SENDGXD Send GXD Drawing
 /SENDJPG Send JPG Image
 /SENDPDF Send PDF Drawing
 /SENDTIF Send TIF Image
 /SET Set Value
 /SFO Snap Offset Options
 /SGL Global Variables
 /SHE Shell
 /SHELL Shell
 /SHOWVARS Debug Info Message Box
 /SNAPD Snap Dimensions
 /SNAPH Snap Hatch/Fills
 /SNAPI Snap Image Corners
 /SNAPT Snap Text
 /SNAPV Snap inside Viewports
 /SNAPX Snap inside Xrefs
 /SPLIT Token Split
 /STR String
 /SYS System Info
 /SYSTEM System Info
 /TAB Set Tab Index
 /TABORDER Tab Reorder
 /TOOLBAR Toolbar Dialog
 /UPDATES Check for Updates
 /V10 Save As v10.1
 /V11 Save As v11.1
 /VERSION Get GCP Version
 /VIEWTAB View Tab
 /VIN User Var Integer
 /VINT User Var Integer
 /VLC Reset Variables
 /VMP Video Menu Preview
 /VPNT User Var Point
 /VPT User Var Point
 /VREAL User Var Double
 /VRL User Var Double
 /VST User Var String
 /VSTR User Var String
 /VSTRING User Var String
 /WAITEXE Execute and Wait
 /WB Wait Batch
 /XMD Expert Mode
 /XRLS XRef Layer Synch
 /YTEX Layout Tab - Export
 /YTIM Layout Tab - Import