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Have been using Generic Cadd since its inception and what a fabulous program. Tried Auto CAD, chief architect but nothing beats Generic. My Canon BJ-330 died and couldn’t find a new printer to work with Generic. Tried trial version of General which is fabulous, then purchased from Bjorn and it arrived the next day, now looking forward to stepping up into the windows version of Generic. Thanks for your assistance in getting it working and developing a magnificent program. You have made my day!

Brian Sheppard, Graphic Plans, Geelong, Australia 8-10-2012

Hi Jim, Matt and Carl:
I have just installed GCP10 and run the UpgradeToCP10 program. No hitches, glitches or errors …just a nice, clean installation. That’s how they all should go, but, quite frequently, they don’t. Thank you for your support …. And your super excellent product. This is still the BEST CAD anywhere!!!!!

Best regards, George K. Chamberlin, P. Eng, Ontario, Canada (User since 1996)   2-1-2012

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the very quick response; I really was not expecting an answer today!
What you sent did work, but I used Mozilla instead of IE. I had done windows updates and I thought my IE settings might have changed. The GCP10 download worked with one click. The license update took two clicks on the download link before it started.

I am an old Generic Cadd addict and I am still ticked off at Auto Cadd for what they did.
That said, the silver lining is what you guys have done with General Cadd!  Thanks again!

George Brown, Bardstown, KY  10-14-11

Dear Mr. Faliveno:

I want to thank you for not only making a good easy to use CAD program but one where the support is better than any other program I have ! !

Where else can I have a program problem and send in a E-mail in the evening and wake up in the AM, check the e-mail and have an answer that works.

Now that is what I call very good customer service and support.

Keep up the good work

From the deep blue South Pacific,
Good old Pago Pago, AS    4-7-2011

Dear GCP:  I wanted to take a minute and say thanks again for your continued development of General CADD Pro.  I may not be an ideal customer in that my history with and current use of the program is usual, but I love using your program.  I graduated from architecture school in 2003 and learned the basics of AutoCAD in school.  After some time in the construction field, I went to work for an office that was still using Generic CADD.  While I was at the office we made the switch to GCP and upgraded all the way through Version 5.  I bought the program to do some moonlighting and have been upgrading my GCP license ever since (I am using v9).  This is somewhat unusual because first, I am a Apple Mac user at home, and second I use AutoCAD (again) at my current architectural office.  I have spent quite a bit of time with AutoCAD over the last three years and was using version 2010 until recently.  It is a powerful program.  However, it is expensive and has a tendency to complicate rudimentary tasks.  Anyway, I am working on a new side job for my current firm and I agreed to do the extra work as long as I could do it in GCP  . . . at home  . . . on my Mac.

Now that I am starting this side job I have been familiarizing myself with Xrefs, viewports, and layout tabs in order to get some "AutoCAD" functionality out of GCP.  These features combine what I found very good about AutoCAD with what I love about GCP.  I want to say thanks because this is going to make this job much more efficient and allow me to track changes (which there will be many).  Perhaps I should create a little video showing how I plan to use these features all together as a setup (see below). 

Anyway, thanks for these features and keep up the great work.

Matthew Guthrie
A Mac GCP user that works with AutoCAD  3-31-2011

Thanks for the effort on my behalf. I have been with GC ever since the Generic days. You guys have never failed to work my drawing issues to complete satisfaction. Looking forward to GC9. 

Richard Baker, Technical Information Specialist, Engineering
Grand Prairie, Texas  5-26-2010

That was it! Thanks so much!!!!
I was an avid user about 12 years ago and just now getting my arms around the power of your new version.....I will be recommending your product at every opportunity!

Mitch Jones, President 
Engineering, Mining & Construction Corp, 5-25-2010

I have to tell you that I enjoy working with General CADD and that I started using Generic CADD sometime about 15 years ago. I am a General Contractor and self taught CADD user. My SK’s blow designers and owner’s away…

Thanks for a great product Best Regards –
Ralph Blackington, Jr., President, LEED AP  Horne Construction Company, Inc.
Rochester, NH   5-3-2010

I do not know what I would do without General Cadd Pro that you Guys have developed...improved from Generic Cadd. It has everything I need in designing luxury homes, apartments and land development. I have heard that it is hard for some to do a professional looking plot plan... for me, it is as easy as eating apple pie...and, boy! I don't have any trouble eating pie. I love the improvements you keep coming up with, for example, RV; revision cloud; BD, BG, BL, pertaining to layout of property lines; and Q1, IA and OI, helpful in dimensions and area size. When I feel that there is nothing else that you can come up with you surprise me with something else that makes my job easier...and, better looking. Keep up the good are the greatest in the business.

Charles Lindberg Ogle, Masterbuilt Estate Homes, Inc
Maple Valley, WA    6-1-2009


I have been using "generic Cadd" since 1985 in my design business, even after the print drivers no longer functioned! I then used it to create the drawings, saved them and loaded them into a file that would allow me to print. 

A friend saw me using Generic Cadd, and commented "that looks like Generic Cadd" and I said it is, then he said you know they just came out with a new version - - - I was speechless! After thirteen years?? I have tried all of the others, and they work well except for one thing - - - if you do not use them continuously it can take hours to get back "into" the program they are just too complex to use occasionally. 

I immediately went to the website and it sent me to "General Cadd" and I read the story, downloaded the trial version, and bought the lease version 6.0.
It has been a life saver to me. All the commands I had memorized over the years worked the same way they had in the past or better. The added functionality, and commands are just frosting on the cake! 

- - - - And to top it all off, I had a fully operational package for less than $200.00!! I have used it to create thousands of dollars worth of products.

We just leased the version 7. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EFFORTS!



My order for three licences for General Cadd 6 was placed on Thursday the 23rd Oct.on line. The product arrived on Monday 27th Oct. Not fantastic until you know that we live in the UK and there were two weekend days within that 4 day delivery period ! ! The extra RAM and new graphics cards that were ordered from a UK supplier on the same day as we ordered from you arrived 2 days later. I would like to thank you for what can only be described as an un believable service.

Eric Cheshire, Hightech Windows Ltd. UK  10-30-08

Works great! - thanks to all - I didn't expect this kind of service.
Best regards,
Gary Calhoun, Plant Engineer
Power Engineering Company, Denver, CO  9-16-2008

Gary reported a math bug at 8:48 AM.  Matt generated the fix and we sent him an updated version.  He gave the above feedback at 11:59 AM then added this:

Yes, you may quote me. As a constant user of Generic CADD since the early 1990s, I have a lot of respect for you guys.

Thanks for the quick response. I pre-date the computer era, and if there's a way to anticipate difficulties, I'll find it. I guess the difference between old farts like me and the "kids these days" is that they expect things to work, I expect them not to. 

I did down-load the program and I echo the comments of so many who have found it so outstanding. I could do everything I used to do so often and easily in Generic CADD, and then there are all the other goodies, benefits of Windows, etc. Congratulations. 

I will be placing my order today, to replace Autosketch which I find picky and frustrating.

Roger Stone, President
Fernbank Electronic Systems Limited
Stittsville, Ontario. Canada 7-22-2008

I downloaded the latest version and all is well. Thanks for quick response and what a GREAT product!

J. Rick Lunt, VP Dynamic Business Solutions
South Burlington, VT  3-16-2008

Thanks for your fast response to my problem. The solution works fine. In addition, after exploring the AQ utility I got control of the line type conversions, so now everything in my cadd operations work perfectly. You folks have done a great job on this program. It has been very beneficial to me to be able to move easily from Generic Cadd, which I had been using for mechanical design since 1988, as I would sooner sell used cars than have to wrestle daily with the AutoCAD monster. 

James K. Fishback, P.E
Richmond, VA  3-5-2008

I just finished installing GCP6. I’m not as up-to-date as I used to be which might explain why I had a bit of trouble. Nothing serious, I just re-read the instructions, thought a bit and everything worked as it should. It’s installed, migrated and I have the full copy of the help manual. I’m looking forward to using the new version.

One interesting note; our new-hire is the CADD “expert” and when he came to us all he knew was AutoCAD. So for the past five years I’ve been able to pursue other areas leaving the cad work to the kid (I can do this… I’m the boss). The other day we had an idea that would require modifying one of our machines to meet a customer’s needs. I imported the DWG file and went to work not realizing that the kid was watching over my shoulder. In a few minutes I had the file changed into a rough idea of what we had talked about. The kid was standing there slack-jawed; he couldn’t believe how fast I could work and with so few key-strokes compared to what he would have to do to get the same result. I have just enough tricks up my sleeve to keep them guessing about the old man.

Thanks, Leverett Flint, President, Wilevco Inc.
Billerica, MA  1-25-2008

Greetings To All,

I don't know where to start but, Thank God For General Cadd!!!!!
After being a Generic Cadd user and loyalist since the 80's,starting
with 3.0 and then working up to the last 6.0 release, I have never found
a better or easier to learn and use or more efficient CAD program.
I was heartbroken when I learned that Generic Cadd was purchased by
Autodesk and purposely dumped in the trash bin in no time. You were
a thorn in their side and a better CAD program than ACAD and extremely
affordable. I hated using ACAD R9 - R13. and LT. They were clunky,
way too time consuming to learn and use and "the price"? (GULP!)
After that, I still continued to use my trusty Generic Cadd 6.0. in Win98.

Now for the Best Part! I thought I would be forever stuck using my dedicated
Toshiba laptop just for Generic Cadd. Then, I was searching Google on Wed
evening 11/21 and decided in a last hope effort to find if there were any more
3rd party die hard's like me that had any more info on Generic Cadd. Wham!
There it was..... A link to this General Cadd company. Boy, was I suprized!
I couldn't belive my eyes. It was the original Generic Cadd Resurected!
Not just Resurected, but Updated and Improved! And it runs under Windows
Vista! I had to calm myseself down. Too good to be true, I thought?
Well, after downloading the 5.1 Demo and installing it, while cringing that
Windows Vista would somehow kick it out like it does with so many of my
other programs during install, it installed. Whew! Then, I opened the program
and got the 2 registry messages that you said I would. I clicked ok and there
it was General Cadd 5.1. I copied several of my old GCD drawings from my
old Laptop onto a flash drive and opened them up on my new Laptop in the
new 5,1 Demo and I was Amazed. All of the Environment, constraints and
other settings were perfectly preserved and loaded into the program and
drawing. Then, I printed the drawings and was even more impressed with
the print interface and new options. I realize that it is Thanksgiving day at
this point. I have tomorrow off and You at General Cadd should too for all
of your hard work. But, by any chance, should anyone be in the office
Friday and read this email.....Please, if any way possible I want this
program "yesterday"! I will pay the extra cost for FedX Saturday delivery.
Please email me or call me!

We're "Back In Black".......

Randy Robinson
Beltsville, MD.   11-23-2007

Downloaded the software just as you instructed and it worked. I would like to say that I am very satisfied with General Cadd. The easiest to use cadd software that I have found. Keep up the good work.

Allan Shears, Mechanisms, Design & Mfg.
Divernon, IL 10-1-2007

Read recent customer comments from our Free Help Forum 8-28-07

I don't rule out hardware problems, but Vista's behavior is so counterintuitive and dumb that its hard to see any obvious ones.  Thank you for staying with this puzzle. Most companies would wash their hands of it.  I made the right software choice - despite this VISTA glitch :-)

Jeff Meeks, Montesano, WA  8-25-2007

Thanks Jim....I appreciate the clarification. I simply took your first solution, shift on boot, and resurrected my tool choices. I truly appreciate your help and I wish you and your colleagues all the best with your product. I know it has to be an uphill thing with all these guys like Autodesk and imsi hawking their point and click wares. But truthfully, GCADD and now your product flat run circles around that magic idiot stuff for fast, accurate error free 2D drawings. We then dxf most files to our well equipped CNC equipped factory (via Master Cam) and presto, perfect parts every time, fast and easy...'cept for the learning curve. Again, thanks for your efforts with your fine program as well as your prompt tech support.

.....Also, as I was very competent with the old dos version, I am very impressed with your windows conversion.  I don't know how you created it because I'm definitely not a ''geek'', but whatever you did, it works and it transmits the feeling of the old program, which was really pretty intuitive and you've done a fine job replicating that.

Bill Berkan, Hamilton, MT  5-24-2007

Hi: Just a note to let you know how well this program is working for us.

We have been given a grant by the State of Maine to digitize our twenty one paper maps and create a seamless map of the town. The digitization process was done in GenCadd 6.1.

I am using General Cadd Pro along with ESRI ArcView 9.2 with good results. The orientation process into UTM 1983 Zone 19 went very well.

The current process is edgematching/alignment and it is slow. Our original maps were produced in 1957 and the current maps must match with a 2004 set of orthophotos at their edges.

Being a GenCadd 6.1 user for years has been very helpful in moving to production with your application. I want to express my appreciation of your efforts to save the old application and update it. Thanks,

Don Garrold, PLS GIS Provider
Town of Searsport, Maine  5-2-2007

I would like to compliment you and your company on the new General CADD Pro program.
After using Generic Cadd for 15 yrs., your updated version has made driving the program unbelievably easy. The ability to add fonts, components and converting old generic cadd drawings to the new format is beyond my expectations. I've decided to purchase your program and am looking forward to incorporating this new tool at my new job! 

Alvia A Lee Jr, Elburn, IL  4-1-2007

Matt, Jim and ALL the team, I continue to be very impressed with the promise of service, and then exceeding in the delivery of the same. I feel as though I have joined a ‘new family’ of excellence. Thank you.  Most appreciative,

Jon Congo | Site Manager, Novacom Construction Ltd., BC, Canada 3-21-2007

What a wonderful programme for "ex-Generic" users..... I was dreading the thought of having to change to Autocad at some stage.  The changeover has been seamless (apart from a few minor problems with printing / plotting which were down to me rather than the programme)

Keep up the good work!
Clive Gibbs, CG Design, England 3-19-2007

Jim: And the instructions were good. It executed just the way you indicated it would. Thanks.
The comments on the web site regarding the excellent service are not overstated. I am very pleasantly surprised, from first-hand experience. Again, many thanks. The recommends will be generous.

Regards, Jon Congo | Site Manager, Novacom Construction Ltd.
BC, Canada 3-6-2007

Jim: All systems are go! Thanks a bunch. Your responsiveness and helpfulness makes me feel great about this purchase and product. 

Thanks again, Matthew Guthrie, El Paso, TX  2-24-2007

Thanks Matt, It looks like you got the problem licked! 

I will get back to you if I find any further problem. I really appreciate your dedication to product support and the effort you guy's put in in developing your great product.

Regards, John
Sunshine Coast-Australia, 1-22-2007

Thanks, I was just wondering if the process changed. I have never dealt with a company that responds to its customers as quickly or is as helpful as yours has been over the years. I really appreciate all the help and the great product that General CADD has become.

John, Application Engineer
Storer-Trane, Shreveport, LA 1-3-2007

Traditionally, tools wear out. Wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers all loose their ability to help our work process. But General Cadd is a tool that keeps on getting better and more powerful. I find General Cadd the premier tool in my tool chest. It just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the support and work guys. You make my work easier.

Richard Baker, Alvarado, TX  12-28-2006

You fellas are wonderful!!!! Thanks a ton... We really appreciate it.. It
works wonderful. You guys are a credit to our industry. Continue the
excellent work. We love the program.

Seth Bishop P.L.S., Diversified Surveying Services Inc, Tacoma, WA 12-21-2006

Dear General CADD:

This isn't to report any problems, only to tell you that I have used your CADD package a lot since learning you revamped Generic CADD 6 for use in Windows. I decided to buy it outright the minute I saw it was available!!!

I have written a few times before about just how impressed I have been with this newest incarnation. Despite a few stupid mistakes on my part (and still thinking in terms of the old MS-DOS file system), I have found General CADD to be the easiest CADD package to use, hands down.

I am currently downloading the latest update and look forward to a LONG relationship with you and your program. I simply CAN NOT overstate just how glad I am that you revived this program. I certainly look forward to other improvements and additions you might include in future versions.

By all means, keep up the good work and please accept my personal thanks for the software and the great support you have offered to me.

Sincerely,  Dave Belaire, Brooklyn, MI  11-29-2006

…I appreciate what you've done and what you're doing. Today was the first "paying job" using General Cadd and everything came back in a flash. I preach this program to my friends, and if you ever need a testimonial, count on me.
Allan Knox, San Jose, CA  9-13-2006

just received your email and would like to upgrade to V5...
I would like to say how impressed I have been with V4 and thank you for your 
continued support and assistance.
Nigel Sands, England  8-24-2006

I happily upgrade to 5.0. Your business integrity and superior product support encourages my decision.
Thanks guys. Richard Baker, Alvarado, TX 8-21-2006

Hey, I just finished testing it. I used different ortho angles and everything seems to be working fine. If you would like, I could give you an update later in the day to be sure.

Thanks for all your hard work. These things can be irritating to those of us who spend 8+ hours a day drawing. It's good to know you guys are there to jump on problems as they arise.

Thanks again.
Joe Dupre, Pecot & Company Architects. 8-4-2006

Hey Guys!!!

I just got and installed your Windows version of my old Generic CADD 6.0 and I have to say in a word... AWESOME!!! I am just now moving around inside the program and having a blast exploring the new look and functionality. I figure it will take "some" time to learn my way around this new format, but what a COOL program!!! I am beside myself with excitement!

Since Generic CADD disappeared many years ago I kept my last version handy and have HOPED that Windows would not outgrow being able to run the DOS version. This new Windows version is just TOTALLY the greatest thing I have gotten in many years for the computer.

Since my last Generic CADD purchase back in the '80's I started building cabinetry and other wooden projects and I use Generic CADD for each and every project. Now with the newest Windows version I am looking forward to creating more drawings and increasing my knowledge of this program.

Having said that, I wanted you to know that I have "tried" to learn AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and Turbo CAD figuring at some point my Generic CADD would eventually stop working as Windows DOS emulation platform outgrew it. Generic CADD (and now General CADD) has completely won me for its ease of use and super simple GUI that makes it a JOY to use!

Please keep up the great work and whatever you do, please don't disappear!

Many thanks to you and the designers for bringing this software back!!!

Sincerely, Dave Belaire, Brooklyn, MI  7-25-2006

This upgrade worked. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts. Every time I've had a problem, which have been few, you folks at GCP have responded quickly and accurately. You have the best Help Forum I've ever dealt with. GCP is a great program from top to bottom and I am thankful everyday that we went with GCP instead of that other CAD program. Thanks again for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, David Holman 7-15-2006

...I also appreciate you getting up in the middle of the night to provide prompt response. (Notice the time on this email....I get my days and nights mixed up too!) You and your programmers have always amazed me in your dedication to addressing problems. I'm just not used to it!

Sincere Regards, Bobby Cowan 6-1-06

Frankly, I'm blown away. To find a new, useable version of a beloved and effective program, at at fair price is amazing. I haven't been this excited since I discovered internet porn. And to get a sales call 15 minutes after sending an email, and at 10:30 on a Saturday night!

I spent a whole day trying to reach a human being at a major semiconductor company on Friday - literally my whole day, spent in "voice mail hell".  If you guys try any new ventures, I want in.

Best, Allan Knox  5-7-2006

You guys are my heros! Very easy transition, and except for a few new things, at least so far, painless. Again, very comfortable transition. Great product. Thanks.

CRAIG HANSON ARCHITECT, Vashon, WA   4-20-2006

Just a quick note to say that I'm not only impressed with your software but with the excellent product support. There are few companies that are so diligent with issuing bug fixes and improvements so quickly. It's obvious you have an ongoing dedication and commitment to your product. I missed Generic Cadd. I'm glad to see it's back -- better than ever!! :)

Ken Eriksen, V.P., UNIQUE SYSTEMS, INC. Cedar Knolls, NJ   3-25-2006

GCP is like GC on steroids. You can do all the same things but a lot better and with a ton of new features. If you've depended on GC for years you'll never regret buying GCP. I started with GC3 (before Level 3) and I can't say enough good things about GCP. Almost no learning curve to start using it and the sky's the limit for using it. Besides that, there's some members here that are really outstanding for information about how to customize GCP. No downside, period.

Jim Roper, 3-21-2006

Gentlemen -

I just finished installing and checking out General CADD.

- FANTASTIC! - I'm still laughing with delight!!

(Seriously, after opening up the converted PDF file of the test drawing I had just done, I started to laugh!)  The installation was without a problem, all the new features (those I've tried so far!) were intuitive and learned instantly! I was especially blown away by the zoom and pan features of the mouse wheel!

I started using GenericCADD about a year after it first came out.... ...Now that I've bought and tested it, I realize that even if I had found some other suitable CAD program, I would have been way down the learning curve. You have saved me many, many hours of re-training. This will make the completion of my new workshop building so much easier, especially getting the plans printed.

I am definitely telling my friends and colleges what an excellent CAD program this is. Please feel free to use any of this as a testimonial. I'll be glad to write more! With the added pluggins I'm sure you're going to add, I think you could replace AutoCAD. I hope you do.

Peter T. Miller, Bethlehem, CT  3-17-2006

You guys should take over Microsoft! Your program was a PLEASURE to install and use. I actually found out what I wanted to know from help and learned other very useful things along the way, unlike the above mentioned OS. Things that I wanted to do were anticipated and provided. Amazing! Thats the way I always thought computers should work, insted of wasting all the time they are supposed to save trying to find out how to do what you think should be rudimentary, but for some reason isn't. Thank goodness for Google, I guess MS thinks they will be their "Help".

Richard Bell, Atlantic Beach, FL, 3-1-2006

Thank you for going above and beyond in helping us work through our problems, which in hindsight, are due mostly to our inexpertness with General CAD. (My CAD experience goes way back to the early days of Generic CAD and I am working on becoming familiar with the many additional features of your product.) Today we sent out a drawing saved in the 2006 AutoCAD version, and low and behold, our vendor was able to open the file and plot it for us. There is still a bit of a mystery as to why they were not able to open the file when it was saved in the default 2000 version because, by their own admission, this shouldn't have been a problem. Nevertheless, we were able to reach the conclusion we were hoping for.

Dan Lipsi, Telford, PA, 2-28-2006


You have the fastest technical support response of any company I have ever done business with, and I appreciate all your help.

Thanks, John Gegg, Shreveport, LA 2-28-06

Zoom extents took care of it. You guys are awesome. Thank you for the great support team you have over there. You are always extremely quick in responding to our problems. We really appreciate it. Have a great weekend.

Doug Allen, Measure Masters, St Pete, FL  2-4-06

Thanks Matt. So simple. You guys do a great job and I have found no one, anyplace who has better support program than you do … it’s your strong point, surpassed only by the product itself.  Thanks and have a Merry Christmas.

Andrew Thayer, Rainier, OR  12-07-05

Thank you for your reply. I wanted to let you know that I received a reply earlier today from Support Staff.  I was able to solve the problem from those instructions.

Again, thank you and we enjoy using General Cadd here at our office.

Ed Lamar, Parlier Architects, Lake Wales, Florida 12-2-05

I started using Generic CADD when it was sold as Logicad, and bundled with a Logitech mouse and driver card. I upgraded to Generic CADD 3 with Dotplot and used it for years. When Generic was bought by Autodesk, I later bought a new Generic CADD 6.0 for DOS, since other engineers in my company were using Autocad for DOS and were forced to switch to Autocad for windows. I was given a full Autocad 10 for DOS by one of the engineers, and found it extremely difficult to use. I was told that DOS would soon be gone, and after trying out Autocad for Windows I panicked! That's when I bought the latest DOS version of Generic CADD. I tried Intellicad 98 because I could not print more than 8x10 with Generic CADD 6 (dot matrix
printer was long gone), and I finally used Volo Vue to call up DXF's and print them. I later developed a glitch where Volo Vue does not recognize the DXF if the drawings have certain commands in them (I guess). I found your website while looking for anyone that had written a print driver for a wide format HP printer.

I finally figured out what makes this program so good. I was trained in engineering drawing on "T"-Square and triangle, and later with drafting machines. The Generic CADD program and your General CADD Pro uses the same logical layout that one uses when producing a pencil drawing. The program "thinks" like a draftsman. Draftsmen do not waste any time on a layout and
the extra steps and complications required by other programs that drive classically trained people nuts. Productivity with Generic Cadd is more than double when starting a new mechanical drawing from scratch, opposed to any other design drafting program I have used and I've used a few.

I downloaded the demo of 3.1 and I'm hooked already. I just placed the order. May General CADD Pro exist and prosper forever. You really should market this product to Technical and Engineering schools since it flows exactly the same as the learning process for design drafting.

Dick Beach, Sealed Air Corp.11-21-05

Jim, Matt & Carl, 
I really do like General CADD since I used generic CADD and Autodesk for so many years. I have tried to use other cadd programs but none of them suited me and really did not want to take time to learn a new program I even kept my old cumputer with DOS so I could continue using my old CADD program. You Guys Finially did it, 
Dal Russ
RusCon, Inc. , 10-17-05

Hi there

Have just purchased General CADD from your web site, also registered for your forum while on line.

Having been a long term user of the Generic CADD program & other set-ups was overjoyed to find & use the demo version of your new software, talk about putting on a comfortable pair of shoes !!   can't wait to get the USB plug in & transfer all my old but still useful .GCD & .CMP files.

Kind wishes
Ian Johnson
Welford Thomas Ltd, United Kingdom  9-7-05

Why are not all software companies so responsive? Thanks!

John B. Ehde, VP Engineering
Salem Communications Corporation
Camarillo, California 5-14-2005

Received your e-mail and the installation is complete. Thank you for your
immediate attention to this problem.

I am completely satisfied with General Cadd. Keep up the good work.

W. Allan Shears, 5-14-2005

Thank you very much for your great help. It worked this time. We really appreciate the fantastic job you are doing with General CADD and your willingness to always offer help without question. Have a great weekend. And again, thank you.

David Holman
Noteware & Associates 7-8 2005

Congratulations on your V4 Beta release, I have been eagerly waiting for it. I am very impressed with the ability to load multiple drawings or multiple copies of the same drawing into a session. This has resolved for me, a major drawback of GCPro is not having "viewports". I have found that this feature allows the user to use the MDI session as a set of viewports so that you can cut, copy, paste, extract information and zoom in to detail as needed.

John Cox, Queensland, Australia 6-7-2005 

Thanks again for resurrecting an amazing product. I am back up to speed in just one sitting. Feel like I am back at home. Yea for you! Great job! 

J. Rick Lunt ,Vice President 
Dynamic Business Solutions 
So. Burlington, VT     7-1-2005

After a long search I have found your site. I am a Land Surveyor, and have been using Generic Cadd for 15 years. I love it, With the recent changes I have been terrorized that I would lose use of Gen Cadd.

I downloaded the demo of General CADD over the weekend, and am extremely pleased with what I have seen so far. I will purchase it shortly, but before I do I have a few questions...

G W Tansky 5-31-2005

I finally bit the bullet and bought into General CADD Pro last year. It's the best thing I could have done. 

I didn't have to change a single thing that I did with Gcadd but now I have so many more options, tools and capabilities.

From an old Generic CADD's a dream come true. 

Sean 5-19-2005

...You guys are my Heros; I’ve been hanging on to my Generic Cadd 6.1? for so long I was afraid I was going to turn into a dinosaur and either learn a new program or start hand drawing again. I never thought I would be using a program again that continued my muscle memory of 2 button commands and made my life even easier rather than hard. I have been a Gen Cad user ever since my 386 1 meg of ram w/ math coprocessor. So you can do no harm.

Regards and Thanks,
Doug Edwards 3-1-2005

.. Properties shows that I have Last Modified 12/17. Thus, the latest patch is sufficient? Ah, and I just discovered the /Check for Updates .../ functionality. ... hot knife thru butter. Every time I go into GCP, I'm continually amazed at how well thought out and deployed this app is. Nice job ... and thanks.

Dave Biggers 2-19-2005

I just want to say a big thanks for the surveyor functions improvements. This is a big step for surveyors towards making drawing a lot easier for us. The bearing/distance function places and looks like the data exactly from Draftsman 4.51. That's another thing I won't have to manually edit anymore. I need to send you guys a valentine, you really deserve it! 

David Swaggerty, Henrich-Luke & Swaggerty, LLC
Longwood, FL 32750 2-15-2005

> Version 3.1.12 will allow viewing all GXD files in Demo Mode <   Hallelujia!!!!! : )

You just cut my chances of losing the dongle down to zero. I can't tell you how I stress out about carrying that thing to every job is. Now I can access my drawings where ever, and even mail the GXD's to my clients who can use your stuff in the demo mode to zoom and pan instead of having to use pdf's.  Heck, you may even get a few sales out of this. ; ) best regards,

Steve Jamison
New Jersey Industrial Controls 2-14-2005

USB driver loaded on to my laptop successfully. A few heart stopping moments but a glass of 12 year old Isle of Jura Single Malt steadied the nerves.  Thanks for your support. You have a super product.

Burton Steele, Greencroft Graphics, Blantyre, Scotland 2-13-2005

Thank you very much for your quick response. After 16 years with Generic Cadd working with General Cadd is going to be great.

Regards, Peter Spinks
Anthony Langford & Associates, Australia, 2-11-2005

Being a long time Generic CADD user, I am pleased beyond my wildest expectations on what you have done with the old program in the Windows environment. Thank you!!

Andrew Thayer 2-1-2005

I have had GCP one day and I have already pumped out three drawings for my contracting business. I was a GC3 user for the last 11 years till my putor dumped last week. My anxiety is now gone and now I just have to get faster. thanks guys. 

mike meazell 1-6-2005

Thanks again for the quick response. I am really impressed with Generalcadd and have been recommending it to other surveyors. My father-in-law has been using Generic Cadd 6 since it was released. It was while working for him that I learned to use Gencadd and was impressed by how much quicker I could produce a plat with it than with Autocad. After seeing my version of GCP3, my father-in-law is considering buying a copy.

I recently quit the Federal Government where I had been using Autocad exclusively for over two years. After quitting, I began using Gencadd and was surprised that I could produce a plat much quicker than with Autocad after only one day using Gencadd. It was at that point that I began searching for a windows version of Gencadd and found your website.

I was also delighted to find the new commands in GCP3 for labeling lines with bearings and distances. I have been using those commands to produce plats for recording at the County Recorder.

Thanks again for the awesome customer support and for the great program. 

Gregg Neitsch 12-28-2004

For many years I have supervised a department of many draftsmen who use Generic Cadd. My company is required to send out drawings as AutoCrud files but that didn't mean we had to draw them in ACAD. We just whipped them up real quick in Generic and exported and converted the drawings in DXF. But we can no longer keep those old DOS machines running and f%& ACAD keeps changing the file format! Until I found your program on the Internet (you really should do more advertising. it took forever to find you), I thought we were going to have to bite the bullet and buy ACAD. My boss was not happy about the much greater cost. Now, thanks to your great product, I don't have to worry about that any more. Congratulations on the new Generic CADD! You are a lifesaver! 
Sorry I can't sign my name. I don't want to go to jail courtesy of AutoCrud!

Not Sleepless in LA Anymore.  11-17-2004

I was debating the cost of this program, but after using it for less than a week it is well worth the money! I have been 'hanging' on to Generic Cadd 6.1 for years now and don't really want to take the AutoCAD plunge. General Cadd has been a lifesaver so far. I haven't run Generic Cadd since last Thursday! I have converted all I can and am happily on my way. What I like most is a drawing from General Cadd looks very similar if not just like an AutoCAD conversion of the same drawing. In the past when I would convert my survey files to AutoCAD they would not look nowhere close to what I had drawn, making me embarrassed. So far the only thing I would like to see back is being able to object break a complex curve. (since added in V3) I usually break contour lines to denote the intervals, and can't now. I would like to donate some survey files for your demos so that people can see more of the land surveying aspect of General Cadd. Also a big thanks for giving way more options to the dimension settings. I was apprehensive about printing and plotting with General Cadd but it works fine. Also, if you didn't know already, Generic Cadd 6.1 didn't support HP printers that print on 11" and larger paper, only 8.5" wide. Now I can plot surveys on the HP instead of the plotter if I want.
Sorry for the long email, I'm just very satisfied right now. Keep up the good work!

David Swaggerty @ Henrich-Luke & Swaggerty, LLC

Generic CADD Users Switching to GCP
Since that's the name of this thread and I finally have time to post I thought I'd say something about GCP and how it's gone for me since Sept 6 or 7. 
First of all: it took me 3-4 days to realize this program works almost identically to Generic Cadd 6.xx. Once I got that through my head I started to find out that I didn't have to relearn anything to use it. The program has fixed a pot full of Generic Cadd problems and I haven't used Generic Cadd since getting GCP. I'm not a hobbiest or a ameteur CADD user, I've already done about $20K worth of drawings since getting it so I can say to new users that if they have work to do they're wasting their money hanging on to Generic Cadd. It was hard to let go of Generic Cadd as I've been using it since before Level 3 but it was a money making move. If you know Generic Cadd, you know GCP and now there's a lot more to know with the newer features that are available when you have time. 

That's it. JR 10-29-2004

Dear Guys,

Thank you so much for updating this wonderful program!  I have used both GenCAD 5 and 6 and my computer system was stolen and I wasn't sure what to re-buy.  The new GCP program has some great new things and it feels like a "comfortable slipper",  if you don't mind the analogy - those two finger commands are embedded in my mind so it is like old home week.  The new snaps look great - I've only had the program installed a couple of hours and I'm already thrilled.

Just thought you'd like to know!

Caara Williams
Design Associates

(Twain Harte, Calif)  8-2-2004

Jim, Carl & Matt:

Have installed General CADD Pro and have had a little opportunity to play around with it. I should be able to give it a work out soon as we begin planning for building a new home this Fall and building two new rental homes.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on a great product!  The installation has to be the easiest one I have done since originally switching to Windows.  This is in marked contrast to products from, especially, Symantec and Intuit, where I dread receiving a new version.  Thanks for not junking up my files with totally unnecessary links, desktop icons and countless strange registry entries. On installation alone this deserves an award.

Using General CADD Pro was like pulling an old favorite bicycle out of storage and finding to my delight that not only can I immediately ride it but someone has added new tires, a new seat, tuned it up, and given it a new paint job. It was great fun to find out all the two-letter commands I remembered and how that is still probably the fastest way to execute commands in a CAD program. I really hope this goes well for you as excellence should always be rewarded.  If I can provide a testimonial or comment for your use in promoting the product, just let me know. 

Again, GREAT JOB!!


Bob Fulton, Former President Generic CADD Software
Bend, OR   7-22-2004

June 11, 2004
An Open letter To; Matt, Carl, Noel et al @ General CADD From Churchy

Well boys… looks like you got a winner.

I have been away from Generic CADD for the last two n’ half years working on a project that required LT2000.

I visited the Generic CADD website and found General CADD & I have spent the last few nights looking and reading everything. 

I registered Wednesday & downloaded GCP3…. I love it :-)  Oh what a relief it is!  The two letter commands came right back. I tried everything I could find…..Checked it all out.

Yeah….a couple of new things will take a short time to learn….but that’s half the fun. …I’m going to buy GCP2.1+ :-)    I really missed being able to write my own little short macros and assigning them to my mouse and F-keys. I like my snaps on the first 4 F-keys.

My background is in Commercial Construction - Security Electronics Systems, like: Access Control, CCTV, IC/PA, etc, all Low Voltage Systems. I started in CADD in 1986 when I started a company called Churchy’s Communications Etc. I bought LogiCADD …it came with a mouse and I was running it on a Tandy 1000SX. I joined The Puget Sound Generic CADD Association and was an active board member. I had to commute from Tacoma to Seattle to attend PSGCA meetings. As my Low Voltage work went down hill…….my CADD, (Side work) business went up. So, I changed the name of my company to “…The Electric Pencil…”. I worked at contracting clients CADD projects. On my last project, I not only got to do CADD, but also supervising the installation and testing of all the Security Electronics and Low Voltage Systems. Both my worlds combined in the same project. My job was to back up the project manager, supervise, and do all the on-site CADD work. I had to use LT2000i. I cussed that program for a long time before I got it figured out enough to do my job. That project was just completed, so now I’m out looking for a new project, and hopefully I can use General Cadd this time.


Thanks again, and if I haven't said it before, we very impressed with your product and service.  It made switching from Generic Cadd, after about 13 years, easier than we could have ever hoped. Keep up the fantastic work!

William Burns
R. K. Burns Surveying, Inc.
Fort Myers, Florida   6-2-04

Thank you very much for your time. I keep telling people that this cadd is the best, I love using it. You guys did an excellent job building a cadd program again, with the two letter command entry.

John Morales
JCM Machining LLC
Parsippany,NJ   5-20-04

I really appreciate the prompt service...I have been a generic cadd user since 1993
and I totally love this new software...thanks again.

Pat Halcro
Mapping Coordinator 5-13-04

By the way, I had used Generic Cadd forever and really didn't want to switch. I am extremely pleased with General Cadd and wish I had switched as soon as it was available. Thanks for the support and for a great product.

Monty Ballard, 4-5-2004

After only four months on GCP (after 8 years on Generic) I feel confident in saying that the General Cadd staff has the RUGGEDEST BUTT-KICKING-EST programmers and developers I have ever come across. The response-time and level-of-service is UNBELIEVABLE. And the GCP users in this forum are the same. I've put my foot in my mouth more than once in this forum, and got nothing but kind words and help in return. Any problem I had with GCP that was not my own fault received IMMEDIATE attention.

Ryan S. Hellwig, PE , 3-26-2004

I would like you to know that I like to work with GCP very much, it's very friendly and easy to use. My customers like the drawings I do with GCP way better than Generic Cadd, the printing quality now is very superior.

Ezio 2-11-2004

I am thoroughly enjoying using the program. It is so nice to be able to
import my Generic Cadd drawings, use them immediately, and not having to
re-draw every drawing saving countless hours of work. I am anxiously waiting
for the 3-D version. It will help me present a graphic illustration of parts
and assemblies not easily understood.

Steve Beaver, January 21, 2004 

By the way, I was a 6 year Generic Cadd user and I can't say enough about how much I love General Cadd. I have been telling all everyone I know about it. 

Joseph Dupre Architect Intern 
Lafayette, LA  1-21-2004

General CADD Pro 2.1.15 released

General CADD Pro is the only CAD package I know of that: (1) publically posts all betas; and (2) issues updates several times a month. As users find bugs, they are fixed -- the bugs are fixed, not the users -- and a new update released for download from

Anyone can run General CADD Pro, but saving and so on is disabled until you purchase and attach the hardware lock (parallel or USB). I picked the parallel version, because that's a port that's almost never used anymore.

For those unfamiliar with General CADD Pro, it's a Windows version of Generic CADD. The programming team of Jim, Matt, and Carl did what AutoDesk was incapable of.

Posted on Jan 08, 2004 at 16:50 in Computer-aided Design | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack

I'm up and running, thank you for your help. You guys are right on top when it comes to tech support.
George Smith
Unique Products Int'l Inc.  12-31-03

Thank you. I did exactly what you said and everything is back to normal. You
guys come through for me every time. Your efforts and hard work are GREATLY

Thanks again,
Jeff Stanifer 12-29-03

Thank you very much for your help, I never used GC command in Generic CADD in the ten years plus I used it. I can now do my next job with General CADD and I'm very exited to use it. Generic CADD has been my best investment so far.I think General ADD will be now my best investment.
Money and TIME spent trying to be efficient with AutoCAD LT was a real waste.
Thanks again for helping me so fast on a SATURDAY! I will tell all the people that I know and use AutoCAD how great is the General CADD program and Support.

Ezio Marcelli 
ES-ARCHITECTURAL, Ontario 11-16-03

We really like this new program it's everything we've wished for. 
Gary Waldal, President
Design Northwest  11-11-03

1.  I'm still having trouble with this file. I've attached the last email from him. Any ideas? 10-20-03 6PM

2.  John:  I just built a special version for you. Download it here and let me know how you make out... Jim  10-21-03 2PM  

3.  Excellent! it worked!

The AutoCAD user who sent me that file could hardly believe you guys responded and fixed my problem so fast!  Thanks for the outstanding support. 
John J. Harris 10-21-03 4PM

You guys are absolutely the BEST!!! Grayscale works great using the Pen Table settings. I started with the example Tom has in the Help file then changed line widths, etc. to match the screen colors I use. My old Laserjet 4V never looked so good!!! Also tested it creating a PDF and it is flawless!! Once again... General CADD just makes it easier!!

Thanks!! Steve Bumbalough 10-18-03

I love how responsive your support has been. I am self trained on GCADD v.1992. I can use Auto with difficulty but I think in gcadd. I don't cadd very often so I do forget some commands. Some of my questions are obvious to frequent users and some are things which need to be fixed. But either way I get a response that makes me feel like I'm part of a group.

Jim  (James Moller  10-17-03)

When did you first hear about General CADD?
About two months ago after researching what ever happened to Generic

what factors influenced your decision to purchase?
Downloaded the program and found out it was exactly like Generic.

Did you use Generic Cadd before and for how long?
YEARS. "Upgraded" to AutoCad LT -- Couldn't get any work done. Found you.

Joe S.  10-16-03

What factors influenced your decision to purchase? The Generic Cadd interface.

I used Generic Cadd from the early release of 6.0 (around 1990) through 2000.
I was trying to build a commercial office retail planning business, taking an AutoCad 10 course and wondering how in the world I was going to be able to afford AutoCad. One of the members of the course had found Generic Cadd and was talking about it. Later I saw a magazine article on GC at the blueprint shop. I ordered it and never looked back. I credit much of what success I had in that business to the decision to go with Generic Cadd. Not only was it affordable, but was easy to learn and powerful. I always considered it an advantage over my competition who struggled to get AutoCad to make sense. I was able to train employees to use it and furthered the advantage.

By 2000, the balancing of such a heavy DOS program in the Windows environment came to be too much and I finally gave in and converted the office to AutoCad LT. I have spent hours and hours and days and days over the past three years trying to get AutoCad LT to be half as efficient as Generic Cadd was for me. I have missed the "fun" of CADD.

Thanks Jim for being a part of General Cadd. I remember your posts from the old ARetail forum on Compuserve. I have missed that community (Autocad doesn't have anything like it) and see that much of it is back on the General Cadd website.
Best of success with General Cadd, (for both our sakes!)

David Scroggins 10-14-03

OK it’s renewed now .. Once again, I want to let you guy’s know what a terrific impact General Cadd has made on my business… This is money well spent. Keep up the good work.

Kelly Bray  10-6-2003

Thanks to everyone responsible: 

Thanks for making it so easy to place text on a circle. I can now do everything I could do in cadd6, only much better and faster. Thanks again; I am one happy home designer. 

I will support you and your team for ever. 
Charles Lindberg Ogle  10-4-03

John Morales

You guys have a pretty incredible operation, when Bug is discussed on one day and it is fixed THE NEXT DAY !!! That’s the last step I needed. I will finally be able to offer as sacrifice my copy of generic to the software gods , May it R.I.P.

Thanks again from a loyal General Cadd customer

Kelly Bray  9-4-2003

I have to say that I love the program. It is getting better and better. I have down loaded the version 2 beta and it is working well. Other then the plus and minus keys being used for zoom in and out. I enter my coordinates mostly by hand and that is a little frustrating, until I get use to it. Any way, the program is great.

I am so glad that you wrote this program. It is a lifesaver for me. I attempted to learn that Autocad stuff but just did not have the time. Plus it was so confusing. 

Thanks again for this program. I really like it!!!

John Moore
Banks & Co.
President  6-24-03

I have been considering a 3d modeling program. I have checked into a few programs offered in the market today and find that I will suffer from potential wallet deflation or salesman aggravation. After witnessing the support you and others have offered for GC2, I have made the command decision that I can easily wait for the day when GC can offer a 3d version. Consider me already sold on it before it is out. I already know it will be a great program. It is the work and program support from you and others that have made the difference for me. 

I just love getting into management’s face to compare GC cost and versatility to that of ACAD. They usually walk away kicking a can. 

Richard Baker  6-12-03

Having used Generic Cadd for the past 10-15 years I almost flipped when I ran across your website. Just downloaded your trial version and started using it like it was GCADD 6.1. So far “SUPER”. Of course most people here use ShitCadd LT, which I hate. Now I won’t have to run ACON to give them one of my drawings. If it is as good as my first impression, you’ll have an order in a couple of days.

William W. Way   6-11-03

General CADD has been worth every penny. I actually didn't even bother putting Generic back on when I bought the new PC.

Steve Jamison 6-3-03

Version 2.0 Like? You mean Love! Right?

I love it. I've been waiting... you know how long, for that little command.  I have been steady on the tomshardware site and calling custom computer builders to finally get my new machine. I was waiting for MS MU to be incorporated as that was when the full weight of my macros would be available. Now it is and I thank you for that.

GCP is truly turning out to be the super fine program GC was always meant to be. WHAT A PLEASURE. Thank you again for allowing me to be an ongoing part of this journey. It takes a really headstrong GC GCP user like myself to really understand what an effort you et al. have made.

My thanks go also to Bjorn and Noel Milan and I'm sure many others who are staying in the saddle and riding this one fully.

I will keep testing V2, and thanks again.

Bruce Leher  6-2-03

Jim, when I recall what CGPro was like a year ago (when I volunteered) there surely HAS BEEN Progress. 
I would NEVER have envisioned a program as FANTASTIC as it NOW is... BUT I now Expect MORE..When 'Attachments' are included with Components, this will be Absolutely AWESOME..
Don Dammann 2-23-03

You guys have done a great job with general cadd, and as a result have substantially increased my productivity and quality of product that I currently produce. I am running circles around some of my competitors (ACAD GUYS) in the time it takes to get my products out !!! I own a copy of ACAD 2002 but I only use it to convert some of the more complex files that I receive from a few of my customers ( mainly dealing with Xrefs). I recently purchased a 3d program called sketch up that integrates very well with General Cadd , thereby eliminating the need to draw in ACAD at all. 

You guys must be from another planet or something !!! Who ever heard of program developers responding to the needs of their customers ???  Many thanks

Kelly Bray  2-23-03

That's tanfastic! What a amazing response time! You guys are unbelievable! I was out of town yesterday so when I got in this morning I was really surprized! I just tried out the new GD tool. It works great!! I'm anxious to give it a workout!! If it works predictably it'll be one of best tools in the box!

I'm really impressed with the program so far, but I'm especially impressed with your support!!!

Thankyou, thankyou!!!
Paul Wyly   2-20-03

PS. You have already convinced me to buy the program...I will have to do a little "fanagling", because I just recently had to buy ACrudLT at the request of our engineering director, so I could exchange drawings with him and all the autoentercad guys that we do business with. For drawing, though, it is worthless to me. You guys have a good thing going--Keep it up!

I've been up and using General Cadd for revenue producing work today -- right off the bat!  I bought this product out of my own pocket, figuring it would be THAT important to me.  After using it for awhile today, I showed it to my boss.  He was SO impressed with it that he's talking about the company reimbursing me for it (yee haw).  We've got a lot of company history in Generic Cadd drawings and this will make life a lot easier.  We've also got several seats of AutoCad LT and the drafting guys have for years bugged about still using that 'old' Generic Cadd.

If I do get reimbursed from my company like my boss was talking about, I MAY come back and buy a second seat for myself (for at home usage).  Great product (and LONG overdue)!

Once again -- GREAT product.  AND -- I'm overwhelmed with your rapid Customer support.

Thank you.

-Crawford Hill  2-18-02

BTW, let me schmooze you guys a bit.  This product is terrific. Well worth the money and the product support has been nothing less than instant.

I have a couple things I'd like to add to the wish list, next time I hit on them I'll write them down.

Steve Jamison  1-10-03

You guys get a big "ATTA BOY" fom me!! It worked great!!!! I pulled up converted drawings in Acad 2000 R3, and they looked perfect. It even converted the fills, which usually get deleted from Generic Cadd or Visual Cadd conversions. Thanx so much as I had to send out Autocad drawings today.
Keep up the good work.
John Hyde 12-19-02

For me, the program is working perfect.

For the first time I have started a new large job from GCP - instead from GC6. 

The job is AU $ 3 000 000 construction of Liquor Barn & Tavern in Brisbane and I am in the position of the Site Surveyor. The building has 120 piles driven under foundation, foundation, many concrete columns, suspended slabs, many steel columns in the top floor etc. 

All drawn in GCP on different layers. Have created three different drawings in scale 1 : 100 (LOWER-FLOOR.dwg UPPER_FLOOR.dwg and STEEL_COLUMNS.DWG). 
All was e-mailed to five different places: architect - structural draftsman - steel factory - pre-cast tilt-up concrete panels factory - and to a printer shop for printing hard copies from HPGL/2 file using GCP plotter setup. Prints had to be printed for scale 1 : 100 in largest format A0 !

All is OK !

Prints are looking good and nobody complains about my drawings originated from GCP - in fact I proudly make a note on each drawing that is was drawn on General Cadd Pro.

Milan A.Vlasak
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

I am totally impressed! I've been waiting for a long time (10 years?) for an upgrade from Generic Cadd 6.1. I realize this is a new product, but since it so closely follows good old Generic 6.1, it feels like an upgrade.

I'm able to work with this immediately after installing. Great job!

John Harris
EMS, Inc

You have to knock this off!!! If you are going to be a real windows support type place you have to give vague answers if you answer at all. Or if you want to be a Compaq support system you have to give wrong answers along with dead phone numbers and website links.

This actually answering questions with real answers is not going to fit in with the other windows support people I have talked with and is never going to fly. They will find out and you will get a call from Bill Gates himself!

Once people get the word that a windows based program for Generic CADD is available, I can see that you are going to be busy. The program is running very clean for me, even with that #$*! ME that my machine is running. I also have it on Windows 2000 at home and both of them have very little trouble. My hat is off to you all, again THANKS for all of the help and this program.

Pretty funny, I was surfing the net to purchase one of the other supposed replacements for Generic CADD when I stumbled onto your page. Thank God that I found your site.

I asked two question today and I have received at least five answers from two different people at your support desk. Support like that may get you in trouble though. I am telling you if Compaq hears about it, they may come looking for you guys.

Have a great night and better tomorrow.


John Moore

Thanks for the quick response, It was very refreshing. Keep that up and you
folks will grab the market. (despite the dongle)

Thank you for your help.  I really enjoy the General Cadd product.  I have had only a limited amount of time working with it at this point but I am really enjoying the way it works.  A friend gave me a copy of Autocad 2000 and I have attempted to play with it to try to learn it.  It feels like being dropped into the middle of Moscow and not knowing any of the language.  Some things look the same but it takes an amazing amount of keystrokes to do something that I can do with two keys and a couple of mouse clicks.  Several years ago, I ha


General CADD Pro (GCP)  Windows 2D CADD drafting software featuring 2 letter command structure, windows menus, powerful Macro language, 32 bit accuracy and .DWG, .DXF, .CMP, .GCD, .VCD, .VCS & .MCR file compatibility.

General CADD Products, Inc., 1 Railroad Avenue, Cherry Valley, N. Y. 13320 USA