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General CADD Pro Version 12.1 Now Available!

What is it?  Click Here

Tips For Generic CADD Users trying out GCP  

Gentlemen and Ladies:

General CADD Pro Version 12.1 is now available and can be 
downloaded free today from our download page!

Try before You Buy!

General CADD Pro features an easy-to-learn two-letter command structure favored by many drafting professionals. A variety of Windows menus and dialog boxes are also available for simplified access to such features as dimension settings and text formatting. All commands are available from the Main Windows menu, user customizable toolbars and as two-letter keyboard shortcuts.  Over 30 new commands and features have been added including ACAD 2013 file support and specific surveyor bearing/distance commands and Field to Finish command!   Click Here for Complete Details

General CADD Pro can import the following file formats:

  • AutoCAD: DWG, DXF, SHX, PAT with XREF

  • Generic CADD: GCD-DWG (drawing file); CMP (component); MCR (macro); MNU (video menu); ATB (attribute); HCH (hatching); FNT (fonts)  & (VC .HAT)



  • Microsoft TrueType Fonts

  • OLE Container

General CADD Pro can export the following file formats: 

  • AutoCAD DWG, DXF

  • WMF

  • OLE Server

  • PDF

  • JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PNG (bitmap images)

Program Highlights:

  • Free Demo Download

  • Easy to learn two-letter command structure along with Windows drop-down menus

  • Full Batch File Macro Language, Vector font creation supported

  • TrueType fonts may be converted to native outline or filled vector fonts.

  • Text Editor features a new Quick Edit, TL and TP commands, Spell Check, Tab and column text

  • 1024 drawing layers, Scroll mouse dynamic zoom and pan supported

  • Magnify Window - user defined size and zoom value

  • Layer Protect and Lock commands

  • Auto Save and Version Control commands

  • Cut-and-paste to Windows clipboard for pasting vector drawings to other software

  • Multiple file environment configuration Save feature

  • Visual scaling and rotation of components on-the-fly

  • Thumbnail image selection for visually loading drawings, hatches and components

  • User definable custom line types and hatches

  • Internal help/bug reporter sends reports directly from program to support staff

  • Selective “Turn Off” of screen features to increase drawing area, Digitizer 16 button puck support

  • Automatic file compression keeps drawing files small, No limit on number of components in drawings

  • Easy Windows print / plot support with Line Width/Color Map and HPGL direct plotter support

  • Programmable mouse buttons and function keys, Layer UnName and Hatch Change commands

  • Illustrated on screen command help reference manual with illustrated Macro Language Section  

  • Bearing commands for surveyors click here

  • Field to Finish

  • Total Station data import and data load utilities

  • IG Image load and trace function, Geotiff image import

  • Attributes, Multi Line draw, trim and edit commands

  • New "Explorer Type" file load interface with images, drag and drop and Auto Save

  • To Front - To Back, Object Resort/Reorder and new Universal Point commands

  • Surveyor Bearing and Distance Commands, Ortho Stop, Version Control, persistent commands

  • Floating Toolbars, Spell Check, multi break, 3 point Rectangle, Offset

  • TAB Window views of XREFs, multiple drawing load and multiple view of same drawing

  • copy and paste internally and to external programs like Word

  • Automatic check for new program updates notification feature

  • Additional features and commands continue to be added daily at customer request - feature list

  • Interactive on line support forum... "the fastest and best support staff in the industry"  

  • Complete list of features, click here


System Requirements 

Microsoft® Windows 7 32/64,  Vista 32/64, Windows XP Home & Professional and 64, Windows 2000
512 MB RAM minimum (1 GB preferred) the more memory, the better
150MB of hard disk space 
Pentium®- or AMD Athlon™-class processor 
Pointing device (scroll mouse 3 button preferred)
CD-ROM drive
USB or Parallel Port 

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General CADD Pro (GCP)  Windows 2D CADD drafting software featuring 2 letter command structure, windows menus, powerful Macro language, 32 bit accuracy and .DWG, .DXF, .CMP, .GCD, .VCD, .VCS & .MCR file compatibility.

General CADD Products, Inc., 1 Railroad Avenue, Cherry Valley, N. Y. 13320 USA