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New GCP Commands - Video Tutorials


Video Tutorials  -  Video Help
* * * What's New In GCP Version 11 * * * Whats New
GCP Version 11 Command  Snap Box Feature

GCP11 enhancement added to move commands

Snap Box
GCP Version 11 Command  Find Component

GCP 11 addition to CQ command locates component on screen

Find Component

GCP Version 11 Command Line Prompt Change

GCP 11 Prompt Line Text Size Enhancement

Prompt Change

GCP Version 11 Dimension Text Size

GCP 11 Dimension Text Size Enhancement

Small Dim Display
* * * What's New In GCP Version 10 * * * Whats New
GCP Version 10 Enhanced Window commands Demo

GCP 10 features & enhancements WM,WS,WR,WG,...

Window Commands
* * * What's New In GCP Version 9 * * * Whats New
GCP Version 9 Text Indexer Demo

GCP 9 features & enhancements

Text Indexer
GCP Version 8 Custom Toolbars Demo

GCP 8 features & enhancements

Custom Toolbars
GCP Version 8 AS Auto Snap Demo

GCP 8 features & enhancements

Auto Snap
GCP Version 8 SF Snap Offset Demo

GCP 8 features & enhancements

Snap Offset
GCP Version 8 Viewports Demo

GCP 8 features & enhancements

Capture ScreenShot Image

GCP 8 Feature

GCP Version 7 Overview
A 2 minute overview of new features


SO, X:  GCP 7 features & enhancements
New Snap to projected intersection of object extension
Viewports (VP) in Drawing TAB:  GCP 7 features & enhancements Viewports
Component Preview:   GCP 7 features & enhancements CMP Preview
Insert (IO) an object file like a PDF file or Spreadsheet into GCP Insert Object
KK Cookie Cutter: GCP6 features & enhancements            3:42
This video will show how to use the new GCP6 command KK or Cookie Cutter. Entities inside a user defined area can be Cut or Copy to the clipboard and Paste back into the drawing with dynamic scaling. Great for details and trimming multiple objects.
Cookie Cutter
F2 Field To Finish:  GCP6 features & enhancements
Surveyor's one step auto survey layout tool
Field To Finish
Window Copy with Flip Origin option                              1:40
This video will show how to use Window Copy's new Flip Origin option. Mirror the origin point on-the-fly to maintain an equal offset distance within a space. Use the Grab point to make equally spaced copies within the span.  new 10/09/07
Window Copy with Flip

Filter & Misc: GCP6 features & enhancements                 7:06

This video will show Filtering by text size / Reordering Tabs by dragging / Snap inside Components/XRefs / using and editing the shift/rclick Default.pop menu / Selecting complex objects

Filter & Misc Demo

FS/LT/CP: GCP6 features & enhancements                      4:32

This video will show enhancements made to the command Font Select FS, Line Type LT, and Component Place CP


Quick Edit: GCP6 features & enhancements                      5:04

This video will show Quick Edit being used by Leaders and Dimensions / delayed screen update for better performance / double clicking for fast edit of dimensions / insert character symbols   Updated 10/11/2007

Quick Edit

Quick Select: GCP6 features & enhancements                 8:42

This video will show how to use the new GCP6 command Quick Select QS. Selecting objects by pick and window / quick property prompt line / fast access using the grave ` key / using and editing the rclick QuickSelect.pop menu

Quick Select

Version Control: GCP6 features & enhancements           1:57

This video will show how to use Version Controls new File Management options / automatically deleting older backup files / retrieving a saved version control file

Version Control

Viewport zooming: GCP6 features & enhancements      3:51

This video will show how to manipulate the zoom view of Viewports / Activating the viewport / Active Viewport scrolling and zooming / Batch Print viewports

Viewport zooming





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