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What is General CADD Pro?
Version 11.1 

Tips for Generic CADD Users

Briefly:  General CADD is a Windows OS based computer program that allows you to easily and accurately draw anything you might normally draw with a pencil and paper using your Windows computer instead. Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 compatible.

General CADD Pro or "GCP" as users are calling it is a very powerful 2-D Computer Assisted Design & Drafting program (32 bit accuracy) which embodies the features of Generic CADD (CADD, CADD5 & CADD6), the very popular and well known DOS based CADD program which reportedly has over 350,000 users world wide.  General CADD Pro is easy to learn, easy to teach others, follows standard paper drafting techniques and produces drawings as much as 10 times faster than other CAD programs.  New Surveyor Specific commands are now available. >read more<

General CADD Pro is the ideal solution for quickly making precise, accurate 2 dimensional line drawings. Just about anyone can quickly learn to use it in any field of endeavor. Current users include architects, surveyors, real estate persons, carpenters, truss rafter fabricators, circuit board designers, optical equipment makers, engineers, machinists, graphic artists, HVAC workers, plumbers, electricians, textile and clothing designers, theatre layout and production, sound engineers, equipment manufacturers, auto designers, wind power development, sign makers, CNC control, plasma, laser, router, water jet control... the list of uses and applications is just about endless.  This is why it is named General CADD.   

EXAMPLE:  (click the picture below for more example images)

Many Generic CADD users are still maintaining an older DOS based computer just to run their favorite CADD program.  General CADD's primary goal is to provide these users with a natural feeling and nearly painless upgrade path to Windows.  The main focus of the GCP development team has been to recreate as closely as possible the 2 letter command structure, ease of learning and operation, but this time, in the MS Windows operating environment.  GCP 10.1 is 100% XP, VISTA and Windows 7 compatible.

Special attention has been paid to maintaining the exact functionality of the Generic CADD 2 letter command structure so that users will not have to "learn a new CAD program". Customers who have had previous experience with Generic CADD report that they immediately feel "right at home" and practically no re-learning is involved. Commands like NP on the right mouse button, A3 for arcs, RE for rectangles, snaps, trims, copy, mirror, edits, file load and save, filter, selection, change and all other draw and edit commands are "stroke for stroke" the same!  Former Generic CADD users may reuse all of their current collection of Generic CADD drawings (.GCD, .DWG), components, fonts, hatches, menus, linetypes and macros immediately with little or no effort!  Testimonials can be read here http:\\  

Once the goal of duplicating the functionality of Generic CADD had been attained in Version 2.1, the development team then, with the help and guidance of many loyal users, added another 50 needed, requested and very useful new features.

Having attained this goal, the development team then began work on GCP Version 3.  Again, many requested features have been added to Ver. 3 including ACAD 2004 file format import/export, user customizable toolbars, surveyor specific commands, vastly improved fill and hatch functions, Spell Check, AutoSave, Version Control, multi break, 3 point rectangle, auto pan, auto save, offset, persistent commands, image load, trace and print, copy and paste internally and to external programs like Word and PDF file creation. Additional features continue to be added daily at the request of our customers.  

GCP 3.1 includes over 110 new features and commands not found in CADD6.  Four Surveyor Specific commands (BQ, BG, BL, BD) were added to assist surveyors in their daily tasks which include R/L angle traverses, bearing traverses, side shots, radial stakeouts, setout, line labels, fore bearings and distances, and backsight.  Either Degrees or Gradians/Gons may be used.  

December 20, 2005, General CADD Pro Version 4.1 was released.  Included is a new F3 surveyor command, ACAD 2006 support with XREFS, multi tab interface allowing multiple drawings to be open at one time, multiple views of the same drawing and 38 new commands and features.  For a complete list, click here.

December 12, 2006, General CADD Pro Version 5.1 was released.  New features include ACAD 2007 file support, Layout Tabs, Viewports, OLE, expanded Xrefs, dimension preview, text preview, component preview, batch DWG/DXF conversion, batch printing, symbolic line types, user custom toolbar and custom 2 letter commands, Job Files, Blot Out background and more with even more to come!  For a complete list, click here.

December 18, 2007, General CADD Pro Version 6.1 was released.  New features include ACAD 2008 file support, Field to finish F2, Quick Select QS, polylines, OLE Server support, Cookie Cutter KK,  expanded Xrefs, enhanced dimension and leader functions, enhanced batch printing, enhanced version control, enhanced viewports, expanded filter options, a wide variety of speed improvements and many incremental improvements too numerous to list here.  For a complete list, click here.

December 29, 2008, General CADD Pro Version 7.1 was released.  New features include ACAD 2009 file support, Auto Snaps, MText, Revision Cloud, Circular Viewports, expanded polylines, improved Layer Manager, expanded Xrefs, enhanced dimension functions, enhanced version control, enhanced viewports, expanded filter options, a wide variety of speed improvements and other improvements too numerous to list here.  For a complete list, click here.

December 24, 2009, General CADD Pro Version 8.1 was released.  New features include ACAD 2010 file support, expanded Auto Snaps, improved MText, Revision Cloud, Circular Viewports, expanded polylines, enhancd Layer and XRef Manager, rounded/chamfered rectangles, enhanced dimension functions, simplified version control, expanded viewports, object and arc length command, snap offset command, new toolbar system, a wide variety of speed improvements and many other improvements.  For an illustrated complete list, click here.

March 24, 2011, General CADD Pro Version 9.1 released.  Many new features.  Click here for illustrated list.

March 9, 2012, General CADD Pro Version 10.1 released.  Many new features.  Click here for illustrated list.

April 2, 2013, General CADD Pro Version 11.1 released.  Many new features.  Click here for illustrated list.

All interested persons may download the Latest Release and/or BETA versions directly from the General CADD web site and "try before you buy" in order to test out the claims made in this document. The downloads are not specially prepared "Demo" programs but are in fact the "real thing". The ability to save files has been disabled in these downloads but all other features including printing are fully functional. A fully illustrated Help Manual is also available for download.  These files can be accessed here  

Many have asked if General CADD Products, Inc. is the same company that produced Generic CADD.  General CADD Products, Inc. is a newly formed, 10 year old company.  The principals are two of the original Generic CADD programmers and one businessman, a former Generic CADD user.  All shared a common dream of recreating the program in Windows ... a dream that just wouldn't die   We are not the original company ... but we have the same spirit!

The General CADD staff maintains an on line User Help and Discussion Forum to assist new users, promote discussion, create "wish lists" and resolve issues.  It is an ideal meeting place for all interested persons. You can access the GCP Forum through this link

Orders may be placed on line with a credit card, by mail or by FAX through this web site form  

Current Price list   All orders include a 30 day money back guarantee.

GCP 11.1 can be downloaded for review and "try before you buy".  Click Here 


Tips for Generic CADD Users

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General CADD Pro (GCP)  Windows 2D CADD drafting software featuring 2 letter command structure, windows menus, powerful Macro language, 32 bit accuracy and .DWG, .DXF, .CMP, .GCD, .VCD, .VCS & .MCR file compatibility.

General CADD Products, Inc., 1 Railroad Avenue, Cherry Valley, N. Y. 13320 USA